Thinking differently for elevation of powder and fluid products, thanks to Liftvrac.

More efficient, more thrifty and easier to clean than the pneumatic systems, the Liftvrac is an interesting alternative for the handling of your powder and fluid products.



A tube perfectly sealed which accompanies your products

The revolutionary conveying system of the Liftvrac constitutes of a polyurethane belt which forms a tube around the product and accompanies it during the elevation.

The sealing of the tube is assured by a lip system which closes the band thanks to the pressure exercised by the transported product.

Perfectly sealed, the Liftvrac can carry all types of powder product without problem. With the Liftvrac, you can also work with allergen substances without the risk of contaminating the surrounding environment.



An impressive elevation

The Liftvrac does not need air to elevate your powders. Thanks to a higher density of the product inside the tube, the Liftvrac shows rates far superior compared with systems which function by suction or depression: up to 15m3/h.



Very low energy consumption

More efficient than pneumatic systems, the Liftvrac consumes not much energy: 0.5kWh is enough to running it.



No risk of clogging.

The belt is opened up and scraped after every round, so the Liftvrac making it self-cleaning. Cleared of sticky particles, the tube is always operational.



Cleaning takes only a few minutes

You can unsettle the Liftvrac very easily and clean it very quickly Only a few minutes will be enough to realize this operation.