Peripheral equipments : So effective and easy to use that the Liftvrac

The unique conveying system of Liftvrac arose from our research for maximal efficiency in the lifting of bulk products and simplification in dismantling and cleaning operations for the users.

It is the same philosophy which guides us in the development of the peripheral equipments of our conveyor. Indeed, we try to propose you  a solution  always more complete , which answers your requirements of performance and maintenance.


Safety guards : standard modules that can be assembled and dismantled in a few seconds

Unlike safety cages or light curtains, which are generally custom-made an thus costly solutions, to comply with safety requirements, our safety modules consist of standard metallic casings.

Adapted to each part of the Liftvrac, they come to clipon the structure in a few seconds. They can be dismantled as easily with no tool, for belt cleaning. 

Security is further enhanced by an automatic shut-down function which is activated as soon as any of the modules is dismantled.


Feeding hopper : an essential supplement to benefit from all the advantages of the Liftvrac


Our new hopper was developed to make a commitment very easily, within 5 seconds, without risk of damaging any component. Self-standing when positioned on the ground, our new hopper is also easier to clean.



This new hopper keeps all the speciphicities of the previous version:

 - protectio of the belt in case of overload

 - safety guards to prevent access to the dangerous area

 - sealing flap for very fluid products

 - hatch for flow rate control




Specifically designed to fit the conveying system of the Liftvrac (conveying belt which forms a tube around the product), our hopper guarantees the protection and the optimal functioning of your equipment.