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Whitehall Specialties - A demanding world-class expert in processed cheese recommends our product and services.

Located in western Wisconsin, U.S.A, Whitehall Specialties is offering customers top quality products and unprecedented service. The company is of course expecting the same from its suppliers.


Liftvrac passed the test successfully, especially for its responsiveness in solving a few start-up problems and its determination in meeting Whitehall Specialties’ requirements on safety.

« I’m very pleased with your services and would recommend your company to other manufacturers » states Bob Crandall, Maintenance Supervisor at Whitehall Specialties.

« We are looking for examplary end of lines in terms of hygiene and product quality. »

Eric Sallembien

Director of operations


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« The Liftvrac enables us to lift our products on a shorter distance and to feed our weigher more evenly. »

The Danival company uses a S-shaped Liftvrac to elevate cereal mixes packed in pouches and trays.

Thierry Auvity, Technical Manager, gives us his feedback on this new elevating conveyor.

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Abattoirs Bernard : « The Liftvrac is an ideal solution for a perfect hygiene and operators’ safety. »



Christian Raillier, manager in charge of maintenance at Abattoirs Bernard, the biggest production site within Jean Floc’h group, explains why he prefered the Liftvrac to a conventional modular belt conveyor. 

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Multipond : « Liftvrac  is a very interesting system in order to respond to some specific feeding requirements. »

« I often present the Liftvrac to my customers because it is a very interesting system in order to respond to some specific feeding requirements on our multihead weighers, or in case of major space constraints around production lines. »

Yannick-Olivier CORNU

Sales Manager Multipond France

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Steripure « The Liftvrac is an efficient answer to our specific constraints in terms of microbiological monitoring. »

Steripure is up to now the only company worldwide that offers as a service the pasteurization of products with low moisture content through vacuum injection of dry saturated steam.

Olivier Bourgois, who runs the company, explains the reasons that led him to purchase a Liftvrac in order to convey pasteurized products from the end of line to the repacking unit.



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Delpeyrat « The Liftvrac helped us achieve a double objective : improve the working conditions and reduce losses of raw materials. »

Franck Saint-Genez, production manager for the foie gras and delicatessen lines, details the reasons that led him to choose the Liftvrac to automate the loading of a dosing unit with pieces of foie gras.

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“The Liftvrac doesn’t just save us resources in the short term, it also allows us to reduce food wastage”

As part of the continous improvement of their process, the Pro Sain company chose to replace its old cleated conveyor belt, with a Liftvrac. Michel Tresserras, the Technical Director, tells us again of the benefits that the new handling system brings to the family company, installed at Bages in the Eastern Pyrenees.

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Liftvrac equips one of Lactalis’s factories in the United States of America

The county of Lafayette was without doubt a place pre-destined for our first venture onto the continent of America. It is here, close to the Great Lakes and more precisely in the town of Belmont, that the first five Liftvrac conveyor belt machines to be delivered to the USA, were installed with success to help package crumbled feta cheese.


Five machines for two lines of feta cheese packing.


The Lactalis factory at Belmont makes feta cheese for the American market, under the name of President. This cheese, which won the 2013 ChefsBest® prize for best taste in its category, is crumbled or made in blocks and is packed in trays of 6 to 24 ounces (170 to 680 grams). Lactalis now have five Liftvrac conveyor belt machines which feed the two packaging lines of the crumbled feta cheese.

Production line overhaul leads to a large saving of space 

For Christophe Renaudeau, the onsite director at Belmont, the objective was a simple one : move the conveyor belts from their original place to a refrigerated room where the crumbled cheese would not stick together. In this closed room, the lack of space was a major constraint, that the Liftvrac S could have coped well with, but for which the Liftvrac C proved to be a far better option.



This diagram compares the configuration between the S and C.

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Maison Boncolac : « Careful handling of the fruits was crucial in our equipment choice»

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Salaisons Jouvin : « We immediately wanted to equip ourselves with this new device. »

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Salaisons Bernard (Morbihan, France)



User of a conveyor for transporting cocktail sausages and diced ham and bacon.

Mr. Fringere, Technical Manager: "No more product losses and increased productivity: the return on investment of the Liftvrac is quickly calculated !"

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Raynal et Roquelaure

Raynal and Roquelaure uses a conveyor S to transport and to lift different dry or wet products (ex: quenelles).


Mr. Boutet, technical manager:

" The Liftvrac is flexible and easy to clean. The tube protects and preserves the product. The equipment consumes little energy compared to a vacuum system."

Abcis (Brittany, France)

Mr Huez, manager of the company Abcis:

"The Liftvrac is perfect for specific applications. It has many advantages since it  is easy to clean, it can save space, and reduces material waste. Thanks to the Liftvrac, you can change the type of product which has to be conveyed easily and quickly. I tested it for conveying pasta with sauce."