Liftvrac : Ideal for lifting cheese in all forms

Cheese is a typical example of the performances and advantages that the Liftvrac is able to bring against conventional systems, when lifting a product considered as difficult to convey. These advantages lead to directly quantifiable benefits, which owed the Liftvrac to be chosen by several internationally renowned manufacturers.


A conveying system already validated for several applications

Several Liftvrac devices have already been installed in factories that package cheese under different forms : diced, grated, crumbled, sliced. The technical validity of our solution is thus widely proven.


Our flexible scraper : a merciless weapon to avoid product losses

This scraper, which we especially developed for conveying applications of fatty and sticky products, is formidably efficient with cheese.

Placed at the exit of the lifting module, this easily installed equipment allows to scrape the conveying belt after each round.

Its flexible blade assures perfect contact with the belt and gives no chance to cheese to escape.

Product losses are reduced to almost nothing, which represents a significant saving compared to other lifting systems.

An equipment appreciated for its ease of cleaning

The Liftvrac is also highly valued in the dairy industry because it allows to get perfect hygiene conditions in a minimum amount of time :

- the conveying belt does not get very dirty ; it is thus easier to clean,

- cheese does not escape from the conveying system ; floor remains clean,

- an automatic cleaning function can be added to the system in order to significantly reduce machine downtime between two productions,

* Equipment dismantling and complete cleaning of the belt can be carried out quickly by a single operator.

A solution for the high speed packaging of cheese

Even with a product like cheese, which shows complex behaviour, the Liftvrac is able to meet high output requirements without needing to be oversized.

This is one of the reasons that owed the Liftvrac to be selected by Multipond for the development of its high speed weighing system for grated cheese.