About us

LIFTVRAC was founded in February 2008 by Marcel BOURSIER.  The company develops, produces and sells a lifting conveyor dedicated to any delicate,sticky and/or pasty bulk product.



LIFTVRAC was created from a simple conclusion M.BOURSIER came to regarding the problems met by his existing customers in cheese industry to transport their grated cheese. Indeed, when we lift some grated cheese with a basic solution (belt+ cleats) the cheese sticks on the belt. That is why there are important waste of product. Having no cleats allows to scrape the belt which leads to no waste of product. Forming the belt in tube permits avoiding any cleat.



The conception of this new conveyor required the development of a unique lifting belt which has been patented worldwide. This belt was produced by BMTS company who has an experience of 20 years in the manufacturing of belts and driving belts.

An awarded concept

Since its creation, Liftvrac obtained three awards for its unique and innovative lifting system. 






In 2009 during the CFIA Exhibition in Rennes, "Trophée de l'innovation" in the Equipments and Processes category. 




In 2012, during the Packaging Exhibition in Paris in the category "peripheral equipments" category, for its scraper with flexible blade.







In 2014, during the Packaging Exhibition in Paris, Innovation Award forLiftvrac lipseal belt.